Run tests

The tests drop and re-create the database; you should specify a testing database with an environment variable. See Configuration.

Run the tests with, for example:

KINGFISHER_PROCESS_DB_URI=’postgres:///ocdskingfisher-test’ pytest

Create migrations

  1. Create a database migration with Alembic, for example:

    alembic --config=mainalembic.ini revision -m "A short description of what the migration does"
  2. Fill in the migration

  3. Add/update tables, indexes and/or constraints in to match the migration

  4. If a new table is created, update the delete_tables method

Note: Do not create simultaneous branches, each with its own migration(s). Instead, merge one branch, then create the next migration, to avoid multiple heads.

Updating Database tables graphic

In you will find a graphic of the schema. If you change the database structure you will need to change this.

Download the database driver from and SchemaSpy from .

First make sure your local database is up to date with all schema changes.

Then run SchemaSpy, something like:

java -jar /bin/schemaspy.jar -t pgsql -dp /bin/postgresql.jar -s public -db ocdskingfisher -u ocdskingfisher -p ocdskingfisher -host localhost -o /vagrant/schemaspy

In the folder of data that results, take the schemaspy/diagrams/summary/relationships.real.large.png file. Copy it over docs/_static/database-tables.png.

Finally, use a standard image editing programme like to edit out the row counts.