• Python 3.5 or higher

  • PostgresSQL 10 or higher

  • Redis


Clone the repository and change to the new directory:

git clone
cd kingfisher-process

Create a virtual environment:

virtualenv -p python3 .ve

Activate the virtual environment:

source .ve/bin/activate

Install the requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Install Redis with your package manager on Linux, for example:

sudo apt-get install redis-server

or with Homebrew on macOS:

brew install redis


Create a user, for example:

sudo -u postgres createuser ocdskingfisher --pwprompt

Create a UTF8-encoded PostgreSQL database and give the user write access, for example:

sudo -u postgres createdb ocdskingfisher -O ocdskingfisher --template template0 --encoding UTF8 --lc-collate en_US.UTF-8 --lc-ctype en_US.UTF-8

Set the tool’s database connection setting, replacing at least PASSWORD in this example:

export KINGFISHER_PROCESS_DB_URI='postgres://ocdskingfisher:PASSWORD@localhost/ocdskingfisher'


This configures the tool within your current command-line session only. For longer-term options, see Configuration.

Create the tables in the database (more information on the upgrade-database command):

python ocdskingfisher-process-cli upgrade-database

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